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  ...Helping Seniors Stay at Home | 705-641-0482
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Take Care of Your Property

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You can always call upon The Muskoka Caretaker to handle your cottage and home care requirements. To arrange our caretaking services, contact us today for an estimate. We would be pleased to visit you to review your unique needs.

We are the simpler solution...
As travelers we understand how complicated it can be to arrange pet care, mail collection, home care, lawn and garden care, snow removal, garbage removal.. and the list goes on. We often find ourselves leaning on neighbours, family and friends as well as outside services to help. We can provide a broad selection of services. You can pool to meet your specific need.

Having been cottagers and home owners ourselves we are intimately aware of the time and costs involved in commuting and maintaining a second home, especially in the off season.

A Name You Can Trust
We protect your privacy. We respect your home and property. Our goal is to provide only the most trusted care and assistance you could ever ask for.

We will address any unexpected situations as they arise and will provide prompt care and assistance when necessary. Travel in confidence.
We Care for Your Home as If It Was Our Own!

We are pleased to communicate regularly with our clients to provide updates complete with photos if you wish.

In a brief short 8 Years
Over the last eight years we have operated as our clients representative when outside contractors were scheduled while they were away. We have been there to supervise clean ups, secure and repair water leaks. We have mailed forgotten items to holiday destinations. We have sent bills, mail and other important documents to out of country locations securely. We have replaced many worn smoke alarm batteries. We have regularly made recommendations to clients regarding potential issues even if they are considered minor. We have answered to alarm systems that have been triggered. We have always made extra trips to visit our clients homes any time the weather has become severe.

The Muskoka Caretaker is proud to be able to protect our clients assets, act as their representative and secure their homes.

We will always endeavor to limit any potential damage, contact the appropriate authorities and communicate to our clients immediately if necessary.